• Janet Chen

Making a seasonal Farmer's Market drink: Hot Toddy Shrub

A rainy day at the farmer's market during the last days of summer, during a pandemic, right before an election. In this present moment, the perfect drink is an easy, warm, fresh cider with Honey Ginger Shrub.

Each moment, each day, each week, each season is transitory. "Mono no aware." Support local farmers.

[Mono no aware: Japanese term for appreciating the transiency of life and its beauty or recognizing that some things are beautiful in part because they are impermanent. ]

•Hot Toddy Shrub•

2 oz fresh Apple Cider from the Farmer's Market

3 oz of Hot Water

2 Tbsp of Mad Maiden Honey Ginger Shrub

Serve in a mug or thermos.

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