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Packages = Living in the Mystery

"Holiday Catalog" is another slang term for 2020 along with Doomsurfing, False News, Covid Fatigue. What is a Holiday Catalog? It is a tab in a website to purchase holiday items from local vendors who participate in events during the holidays. The customer can still purchase items regularly sold by the shop or learn about the not-for-profit organization. There is an added area to order online and for shipping.

My product is odd, The Parents and many others struggle to understand. It is a sour drink mixer that harkens back to colonial days. It is a tool for customers to make drinks at home. Good Day Shop is taking holiday pre-orders. I ordered a shrub tasting kit, a jar of Sichuan Chili Crisp, and a bar of soap for my parents to share. They called me. (The child is supposed to call.) They asked me how to use my product. (My dad told me he would put some in his water) They asked me where I sell my product. (Role reversal. They were supportive, I was critical.)

When I was placing the order, I was listening to "Untamed" by Glennon Doyle, the chapter titled"Packages."

Today. The Parents will regard The Magical Child as a mystery waiting to be opened and communication is happy and healthy.

Shrub Tasting Kit : (3) 5 oz bottles drinking vinegar

Honey-Ginger, Cranberry, Seasonal

Available online at:

Good Day Shop- Boutique where I pre-ordered for the holidays for my family. They sent it right away. Good Day Shop's mission is to know the authentic story, undo projections, allow grace and beauty in the home, facilitate good communication.

Available in the near future online at:

WWBIC Virtual Annual Luncheon - WWBIC is an alternative lender. They taught me a lot about conventional lending vs alternative lending. My eyes had blinders. I only saw one way. I didn't give banks credit for how they influence consumer behavior. When I worked in architecture/construction, it was totally obvious there how banks have a lot of influence on residential construction.

This online event is their annual luncheon for donors, staff, and small businesses.

WWBIC's mission is to bring consciousness regarding small business.

FEED Kitchens - The shared kitchen I rent space in. They will be offering the Shrub Tasting Kit, Christmas cookies, hot sauce, gift baskets for their holiday catalog.

Available in shops:

Fromagination - Fromagination's mission is to ship Wisconsin Cheese all across the US!

Orange Tree Imports - Wisconsin Themed Gifts. Household items. My first store.

Orange Tree's mission is to hold tradition and personal service in a gift shop format.


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