• Janet Chen

What is your fond, food memory? What does it reveal about your inner world?

Somehow food flavors are also drink flavors.

Somehow self help questions are a topic for a beverage blog.

Cranberry Shrub

"Cranberry sauce with orange peel, juniper berry, rosemary, salt & pepper was so popular people would ask to take it home. Cranberry shrub is reminiscent of Thanksgiving meals with friends far from home. "

Rusty Haley III is a college classmate at IIT-Chicago. Thanksgiving became a ritual for those of us who stayed behind; a smattering of international students and the rest of us who did not have anywhere to go. Are our friends projections of our inner selves? Russell had his foot in two worlds. In one, he was a hick from West Virginia. On the other, he was a metro-sexual who had matching hand towels and shower curtains, and a recipe box full of favorite meals. He possesses true compassion for both worlds, rather than taking sides. The cranberry sauce varied away from traditional cinnamon towards foodie rosemary and juniper berry. The foot remained in both worlds. Cranberry sauce was served in a glass bowl like a jewel and the international students asked to take some home.

Honey Ginger Shrub

"My Jo Jo (auntie) taught me how to cook by leaving ginger skin on for flavor. That is how I make ginger shrub too. "

Does taking an inventory of our biological parents reveal possibilities for our inner parents to claim? Occasionally my cousin Jenny and I FB message each other. We both read Brene Brown and are aware of shame. We both have a negative parent, who did not demonstrate happy communication. She is working on healthy love with her daughter. I am working on healthy love with my inner family. The auntie who taught me to cook is our cousin Pintzu's mom. Auntie lives in Tainan, but when she travels to Wisconsin I somehow know without being told. Twice I spotted them while in supermarkets. Once I was delivering a birthday gift for my nephew and my uncle opened the door. (Yet another family inventory, we are supposed to know without being told.) Even thought she is related by marriage, my auntie shares the same family inventory. The perceptions of family members are actually clues about my inner world. Jenny, Pintzu, Jane, and myself grew up in families that distracted with shopping, food, work, video games. We are all aware. The cousins are like a science experiment. We all deal with the awareness of addiction in different ways.

Seasonal Shrub

This flavor will be listed on the website in 2021. This is a mixed fruit flavor blended with unusual fruits from hobby orchards. Where do you feel your passion and life energy? For me, it is picking mulberries, cornealian cherries, goumi, and pears for Seasonal Shrub. In my inner world, this is the alchemy of cooking and infusing which brings out the best of plants and fruit. Theoretically, alchemy can be done with humans too!


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