• 10 oz bottle
  • 5 grams sugar per 1 oz serving
  • Certified organic apple cider vinegar; Turkey Ridge Orchard, WI
  • Certified organic Peruvian ginger; Blue Fortune Farm, WI
  • Gentle Breeze Honey; Mt Horeb, WI
  • Mad-Made in Madison, Wisconsin


My friends do lots of reading. 

It turns out I read very quickly, but chose not to read voraciously until after I started making shrubs. 

Honey Ginger Shrub is from a New York Times article about ginger shrub.


One adaptation is from my Jo Jo (mother's brother's wife,) who teaches cooking in Taiwan. 

It is also out of sheer laziness. 

Leave the ginger skin on. 

Honey Ginger Shrub by Mad Maiden


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