Why Shrub?

"Over the past few years Madison has enjoyed a surge in artisanal beer breweries and liquor distilleries. There's been big growth in artisanal nonalcoholic beverages as well. 

Mad Maiden Shrub is the newest beverage to hit the Madison market. Janet Chen started making a "shrub," or drinking vinegar, focusing on its health aspects. Chen sources apples for her base vinegar from Turkey Ridge Organic Orchard in Gays Mills and buys honey from Gentle Breeze in Mount Horeb.

Shrubs have been linked to the national cocktail boom. A syrupy mixture of macerated fruit and vinegar, shrubs were a kind of precursor to modern-day sodas and were popular in colonial times. Just add spirits and carbonated water, and you had a fine cocktail.

Today such drinking vinegars are still employed for their valuable digestive properties. It's thought that they help with losing weight and remedying fatigue, and they are consumed daily by many across Asia."

 - Andre Darlington for Isthmus, JANUARY 16, 2014

How Do I Order Online?


Mad Maiden Shrub sells online via Amazon. You can get to our Amazon product pages through our Shop here on this site.  You can also purchases on Mixology Monthly – Urban Orchard Light Subscription Box.

What Retail Stores Do You Sell In?

Available in Wisconsin, Illinois, and Minnesota area stores. Buy local. Support farmers and your local co-op!



Willy Street Coop

Jenifer Street Market

Hyvee – Whitney Way and Fitchburg

Orange Tree Imports

Metcalfe’s Market – West and Hilldale

Regent Street Market



Whole Foods – Milwaukee


Water Street Market



Whole Foods – Gold Coast


Ferndale Market

Cook County Whole Foods Co-op

Surdyk’s – A Most Amazing Liquor & Cheese Shop

Wegde Co-op

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